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2 greatest Gaming News Sites

 2 greatest Gaming News Sites

Looking for the best video game news websites and game review sites? These trusted gaming sites provide great coverage of all kinds of video games.

By Ben Sticker

DEC 12, 2019

Hundreds of video games are released each year, and not all of them have enough time to play. How do you know which games you are capable of?

Game-like heaven - LOL-candy crush

The best another to your some admired video games

Looking for some new games to play after finishing your favorite selection? Here you will find games like Call of Duty, League of Legends, Destiny, Candy Crush, and many more.

Lots of games on the internet.

A word on mainstream gaming sites

Video game journalism has gone through a lot of trouble over the years. We'll leave out the specific details here, but suffice it to say that several popular video game websites have experienced major breaches of ethics.

For many gaming sites, the focus is more on social and political issues than game reviews, mainly on gameplay and quality. Other gaming sites have developed other forms of entertainment (such as movies, TV, music) to damage their gaming coverage.

1. Destroyed



Distributed is a huge gaming site everywhere. It regularly publishes content, which includes dozens of articles every day. It includes some sports updates, upcoming sports previews, and opinion pieces.

This is not just a gaming news site. Publishes reviews of the Distributed console and PC games, as well as mobile titles and even DLC. His reviews are straightforward without a lot of nonsense, and he has a clear scoring system.

This coverage includes video content, community blogs, and a section on movies and TV, and you've got a stable video game website.

2. Games +

Games Radar-game-review site

Another gaming news site that offers a healthy balance, GameSider + provides new news views, reviews, features, hands-on eyes. You can view articles or check the latest news and reviews through your favorite system (PS4, Xbox One, or Switch).

Games Radar + does not monitor game volume on many other sites. At the time of writing, the last 20 reviews of the site are about five months old. This shows that his staff wastes their time and does not speed up the assessments.

Proc's clear lists of pros in the reviews and summaries of the decision help them out easily. Games Radar + provides lots of content to check out, as well as fast stories to keep up with gaming news.

What are the best video game websites you can trust?

The best video game websites are not necessarily the ones you hear about most often. Every sports website has some flaws, whether it's lack of ethics, poor review legitimacy, or unbiased bias. But these two sites are Awesome places to get your video game news and their reviews.

Game websites employ dozens of people, making it difficult to find a permanent voice. Through a single tube, you can understand their preferences and see if the game is right for you. Also, watching sports for yourself always helps.


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