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The Clippers still have the next season: Five takeaways from Game 7 fall to the Nuggets


Khepiyan On August 15, 2020, during Game 7, Kagi Leonard opened fire on Nuggets center Nicola Jokic.

Farmer Kahi Leonard opened fire on Nuggets center Nicola Jokic during Game 7 on Tuesday night. (Mark J. Trail / Associated Press)

By Andrew Griffstaff Writer

SEP 16, 20208 AM

Buffalo Brave reached the semi-finals of three consecutive conferences between 1974-76, but never advanced.  Instead, she lost to Phoenix in seven games.

Then came Lob City, but the conference was never a success. San Antonio swept four games in 2012, the second round, Oklahoma City lost in a six-game series in 2014 and Houston lost in seven games the following year in which the Clippers collapsed 3-1. was done. Series lead

This date raised banners at the Steeles Center's Clippers Game Night and did not advance to the final of the franchise conference as only one of three in the NBA.

The current roster was created to replace it.

The Clippers, started by All-Star forward Blake Griffin in 2018, have changed the face of the franchise into numerous players and future concepts. In turn, there were more players and a supple salary pace that facilitated last year's trade for All-Star forward Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, a two-time finalist, the most valuable player and free agent the team has ever had. sign it, sign it. .

Two stars who grew up in Los Angeles' suburbs of Palmdale and Moreno Valley returned last summer amid weeping. Now they are leaving their first season together as the Clippers suffer the same post-season misery that the franchise has followed for 50 years.

Los Angeles Clippers attack Cavhi Leonard (2) attacked Denver Nuggets' Jeremy Grant (9) at an NBA conference, basketball game, on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, while trying to play in Buena Vista. opinion. 

Plaschke: Clippers Curse guarantees another season in the country.

September 15, 2020

The 104-89 loss in Game 7 against Denver in the Western Conference semifinals was the third consecutive time the Clippers held both numbers before losing.

Five takeaways from the end-fall season:

1. The content of Game 7 is stressful during evaluation. The next look is in order because the Clippers have guaranteed just one more season with Leonard and George. Both can opt out of their contracts and become independent in 2021. The Clippers' first season as a tournament was a favorite ending, and now the team only has 1 year released the idea that he could win the title they promised they would pursue. The.

George said, "It hurts, it hurts, but we keep going," "You know, for many years, the first time we walked together, of course we wanted to win. But we had a positive belief about living together and doing things together."

2. Leonard enters Game 7 as an average of 11.5 points in the second half of every game in the series. He scored two points after the time of Game 7, making it one of his 11 shots.

George averaged 10.8 points a half against Denver from six games. He lost the white ball after Tuesday's time, scoring just three points and making one of seven shots. George and Leonard performed 11 shots in four stages.

3. Players repeatedly insist that the lack of solvent in court was the reason for their early departure. The Clippers have completed a fitness record 11 times in the regular season and eight more in the postseason. Ivica Zubac and Landry Shamet arrived a few weeks before the NBA resumed after being diagnosed with coronavirus. Our boxers bubble because of the death of loved ones. All the reasons are counted - including illness, from absences and injuries - to why they have struggled at the Denver team where their youth have been playing together for so many years.

"You've got a lot left," said Lou Williams."You never thought we'd leave this game and become team players when we showed two games last year. There was a change. [Montreal Harrell] and me, we have to change our minds.

Defending against the Denver Nuggets, Jerami Grant (9), Los Angeles Clipper activist Kawhi Leonard (2), tried to score in the semifinals of the NBA Finals. play Tuesday, September 15, 2020, in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (AP Photo / Mark J. Terrill)


Plaschke: Clippers curse claims not another postseason

September 15, 2020

I think everyone has to make sacrifices and put them in a special way and it takes a long time, especially when you do it for many years at a time. There is only one winner and one opponent, come here. Many steps. Just try the game, it won't happen. It will take a long time. AS You know, we have to deal with that. Then we can live together and move forward.

4. George said later, "Inside, we always thought this was not a year of growing up or crashing on us. You know, we can only do better when we stay together longer. and our environment has been better. "

The meaning of "bust" may change from one person to another, but it is always true that this term is not meant to be educational but is subjective. A month ago, at the exit of the playoffs, coach Doc Rivers said that not winning the road would be a disappointment. Asked about that sentiment in August, George agreed.

"I mean, we want to win," he said. “That is why we are here. It's that simple. We must have a goal and we have a goal, and that to win it. "



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