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Black Friday 2020: beware of these types of offers, they can be a fraud


In just a few weeks, specifically on November 27, businesses around the world will celebrate Black Friday 2020. A day of great deals, which will last until the 30th of that same month, in which we will find millions of products at a discounted price. From those related to the field of technology such as mobile phones and laptops to those that have to do with home or fashion.


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A day of great discounts that will be marked, how could it be otherwise, by the COVID-19 pandemic. Also for the launch of a series of products that aspire to become authentic bestsellers both during Black Friday and for Christmas. Among them are the two new generation game consoles that aspire to change the world of games as we know them: Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Sony's PlayStation 5.

Beware of offers related to next-gen consoles: from the PlayStation 5 to the new Xbox

Taking advantage of the demand for these two products, the cybercriminals have decided to start a campaign related to video game consoles to deceive as many people as possible in the face of the great celebration of electronic commerce. All this through contests like the one detected by Avast just a few hours ago, through which cybercriminals will try to get both your data and the rest of your contacts.

According to a study by Bitdefender, 72% of all emails related to the PlayStation 5 have been registered as Spam. Therefore, and before getting hold of one console or another, try to exercise extreme caution and do so on trusted platforms. Don't fall for offers that are too good to be true and enable two-factor authentication to avoid any setbacks when buying.

Beware of QR codes!

On the other hand, from Bitdefender they ask that we pay attention to QR codes. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the use of this technology has increased exponentially. So much so that it has begun to be used in all kinds of advertisements and promotions to redirect customers to product web pages. In this way, they can access the product in a matter of seconds and put it in the online shopping cart.

Taking advantage of the QR code boom, cybercriminals can develop malicious QR codes that redirect the user to a fake website. All this to get hold of your personal and banking data. Therefore, and if you are going to buy during this Black Friday 2020, it will be better that you buy only in trusted stores. But not only that. Use a secure network while searching for deals, avoid buying from public Wi-Fi spots, and set up credit card alerts to avoid scares.


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