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All positions and their roles in American football

           All positions and their roles in American football

American football is a great strategy sport, in which 22 players with very well defined occupations take part. Knowing what the work of each of them is is the first step to fully enjoy the show on the grid. 


 The quarterback (QB) 

Is responsible for executing the plays and managing the offense. He receives the ball from the center and can run with it, give it to someone, pass it sideways, or loop it forward to move his team forward. 

They pay him for wins, but his ideal stats are throwing for 300 yards. If it runs, it is a bonus. Runner (RB, also HB or TB) Usually placed behind the QB, but can also line up on the side of the line, that depends on the play. He's the most skilled at running, but he's also a good catcher. A good game for an RB involves carrying the ball 100 yards. If you also get 20 or 30 by air, perfect. Power Runner (FB) Stands in front of the RB and behind the QB. 

Sometimes he runs with the ball when there are few yards to gain, but his main task is to block defenders to clear the way for the RB and to protect the QB. Statistics are not part of his demands, but a reliable FB gets the ball for touchdowns. Receiver (WR) There are usually several, they are placed on the sides of the line and their main objective is to catch the passes of the QB. 

With them, the offense can make substantial advances. Because of their speed, they can also be used for running. If you accumulate 100 yds for receptions in a game, it is a good WR; if he catches more than 6 passes per game, too. Tight end (TE) They are like burly WRs or lean linemen, serving as catchers and blockers. They line up next to the tackles, at the end of the line, and a maximum of two can be used on each play. 

For a TE, more than 60 yards through the air is fine; if he's skilled and capable of TD, that's ideal. Center (C) He is the first player to touch the ball on each play, his job is to deliver it to the QB or some other player. Preventing defenders from touching the QB and blocking to open holes for running backs is his business. 

There are no statistics to measure his work, but that his QB is little captured and his RB adds yards speaks well of C.


Nose tackle (NT) The nose tackle is the defensive lineman who moves to the center when the team presents a 3-4 formation (three linemen, four LB). 

His job is to stop the rival runner and penetrate to put pressure on the QB. His work goes beyond statistics, so 5 sacks and 5 TFL may be enough for a star NT. Defensive tackle (DT) In the case of 4-3 formations (four linemen and three LBs), the two players on the inside of the line are called defensive tackles. Stopping the rival running game and rushing and capturing the QB is his job. 

Having more than 10 sacks per season is good, complementing with more than 20 tackles behind the line, stellar. Defensive end (DE) They are the two members located on the outside of the defensive line (either 3 or 4). His job is to avoid blocking and stop the runner or the rival QB as quickly as possible. If they dominate the line, they dominate the game. The same goal of DT, but up. Getting more than 10 or 15 QB stops and over 20 or 25 TFL elevates him. Inside linebacker (ILB) It is the player (s) who are placed behind the linemen; the internal ones are those that are in the internal part. 

They are great tacklers who work against the run and against the pass, they can also put pressure on the QB. An ILB is a destroyer who is not usually the statistical leader, if he hits 7 or 8 combined tackles per game that's fine. Outside linebacker (OLB) They are the two linebackers who are placed on the outside, closing the line. 

They are usually fast and strong, capable of both reaching the QB quickly and reacting in an instant if the play is on the ground or in the air. A star has 9 or up to 10 tackles combined per game; if he also has sacks and interceptions, that's perfect. 


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