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The 6 best movies ever, according to IMDb users


1- Life imprisonment (9.2)

From the point of view of IMDb users, the best movie ever is 'Life Sentence'. The film based on the short novel 'Rita Hayworth and the Redemption of Shawshank' by Stephen King has a 9.2 average mark. This film revolves around the life of Andrew Dufresne, a man who is accused of the murder of his wife, after entering the Shawshank prison and the rest of the prisoners there.

Throughout the film, thanks to his financial knowledge, the prisoner will gain the trust of both the center's director and his colleagues, notably Red, the boss of the bribery mafia. If you haven't seen this cinematic gem yet, you can get it HERE.

2- The Godfather (9.2)

Hot on his heels is 'The Godfather'. Considered by many as the best film in history, the film directed by Ford Coppola has to settle for second place with an average score of 9.2. Despite the fact that both have the same average score, 'Cadena Perpetua' outnumbers 'The Godfather', which is why it appears in the first place.

The film, released in 1972, is the history of cinema. There are few people who do not know Don Vito Corleone and his family, one of the most important mafias in New York. From Connie to Sonny to Fredo and Michael, the son who didn't want to know anything about the family business. If you have not seen the movie yet, and want to be part of the war between the most powerful families in New York, you can get the first movie and its two sequels here.

3- The Godfather II (9)

The clear example that second parts can also be good. In fact, there are not few people who think that it even surpasses the first one. However, IMDb voters consider that, despite being one of the great works in the history of cinema, 'The Godfather II' is not up to the first.

On this occasion, the plot is divided into two stories that enjoy great prominence throughout the 200-minute film. The first one narrates the election of Michael as successor to Don Vito Corleone as head of the family businesses. The second one focuses on the origin of the family patriarch. The film shows the evolution of a Sicilian who comes to the United States and begins to work hard until he becomes the boss of the most important mafia in New York.

4- Batman: The Dark Knight (9)

And from New York we went to Gotham City, where evil never sleeps. The 'Dark Knight' trilogy, directed by Christopher Nolan, was a before and after when it comes to superhero movies. A trilogy that takes us superheroes to a more earthly world. A world in which the greatest danger is oneself and in which every decision is fundamental. Thanks to this, the second installment stands out as the fourth best film in history with a 9.

Great fault of this deserved position is the Joker, the archenemy of the superhero of Gotham. The brilliant performance of the ill-fated Heath Ledger, which won him the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, is one of the main reasons why you can't miss this movie. If you have not seen it, here you can get it.

5- 12 men without mercy (8.9)

Despite being 60 years old, and the fact that many others have tried to snatch the position from him, the film '12 men without mercy ', by Sidney Lumet, remains in fifth position thanks to its average score: 8.9. This cast of actors, led by Henry Fonda, play a group of twelve members of a jury who must try a teenager accused of having killed his father.

However, member number 8, played by Fonda, is convinced that the young man is innocent. For that same reason, his character, through his reasoning, tries to make his colleagues reconsider so that they change their minds and thus be able to save the young man from condemnation. If you haven't seen it yet, you can get it here.

6- Schindler's list (8.9)

Like '12 men without mercy ',' Schindler's list 'considered one of the classics of cinema also has an average score of 8.9. The film directed by Steven Spielberg, with Liam Neeson in the role of Oskar Schindler, tells the story based on real events, of the German businessman who, thanks to his plan, managed to save the lives of 1,200 Jews during World War II.

After winning the friendship of the Nazis, Schindler gains ownership of a factory in Krakow. It is then when he decides to hire hundreds of Jewish workers with the aim of saving them from the clutches of Nazism. If you want to relive this classic movie, here you can get the film.


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